How do I print ONS resources housed in Vitrium?

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Overview article

  1. In the web viewer, click the Print icon that appears at the top right of the toolbar.
  2. A Print Options dialog box will appear. You can select All Pages, Current Page or a Page Range, and you also have the option to include Highlights.
  3. Click Next. This will then kick-start the 'processing of your printing'.

Here’s what you will see when the file is processing for printing:

  1. You will then see your web browser’s printing dialog box and you will need to click Print or Okay.


In 90% of cases, this will print your document just fine. In some cases, you may see the ‘Continue Print’ button which will appear for two different reasons:

  1. If your document is over 100 pages, you will see the ‘Continue Print’ button as the web browser’s memory cannot process the amount of data to convert the web viewer file into a high-resolution format. If you click the ‘Continue Print’ button, the document will continue processing and print the next set of 100 pages.


  1. If your document has different page layoutsor page sizes (i.e., portrait and landscape, or A4 and A5 pages), then each section of the document that has the same page layout or page size will print at a time and you will see a ‘Continue Print’ button that you will need to click to print the next set of pages. In some cases, if the file has been created in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, these page sizes can sometimes differ by 1/10th of an inch or centimeter and even these slight variations can cause disruption in the web viewer print process. If you continually see the ‘Continue Print’ button and it is not obvious that your page sizes are different, check with your design team to see if there are different pages sizes in your content. You can also submit a ticket to our support team to investigate this for you.

For Mac (Safari) users: We recommend using Google Chrome to print your document. 

For Windows (IE) users: You will need to check your Page Setup before printing documents (see steps below). This is only required once.

Why do blank pages print out? If this issue occurs, you will need to check your browser's print settings and ensure that Page Headers and Footers are set to --blank-- before printing. Refer to the steps below for how to check these.

For Mac Users:

  1. When you get to step 4 in the printing steps (see above) and you see the Print dialog box, click Show Detailsand make sure that Page Headers and Page Footers are set to --blank-- and then you can print your document or image. 

For IE Users:

  1. Click on the Settings mceclip5.png icon at the top right-hand corner of your browser (or press Alt + x)
  2. Select Print, then Page setup…

      3. Ensure that the Headers and Footers are set to -Empty- and click OK

  1. Now you can go back and follow the 4 steps above to print your document or image.


Why can’t I seem to print my document in Internet Explorer (IE)?


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