How and when are vouchers sent?

The voucher creation process begins once payment has been received by ONS. Vouchers will be delivered to the institution's primary contact for the order within 5 to 7 business days from the date in which payment was received. 

For each course that you purchase vouchers, you will receive a PDF file containing your purchased number of vouchers. The PDF file(s) will be delivered via email through a service called DocuSign.

What is DocuSign? Docusign is an online service that permits us to request signatures from people externally over the internet legally and securely.

How does this compare to normal signatures? Online signatures through this service are just as legitimate as pen and ink signatures.

How does it work? The signer receives an email with a link. When you click on it, it asks you to agree to fill out this form for the company. It then lets them review the document, and all they have to do to sign is click on the signature field. It gives them a number of different automatic signature styles or an option to draw in a signature. Finally there is an accept and confirm link. After that the document will complete and e-mail the requester and signer a link to get the completed document. 

Is it secure? Yes, it is secure. The person who you send the document to is the person who receives it and signs it. If they need someone else to sign it, they have the power to choose a new signer who will be added to the contract in their place, and we would be notified as well. 

If further assistance is needed after receiving a file from us via DocuSign, please visit Docusign Support.


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